About Us

Trudos International was specifically created to give companies the very best chance of success in the Russian and Central Eurasian Markets. We are British and Russian nationals who, since 1999 have been directly involved in businesses within Russia. Between us we have over 60 years of senior management experience, much of which is Russia based. We believe this gives us an unrivaled position from which to advise our clients.


With offices throughout the region, our people have been chosen from a variety of backgrounds, bringing with them a wealth of personal and practical experience, in areas such as distributor appointment, project management, market research and analysis, translation, customs advice, administration and business support – all based upon first-hand knowledge of business in Russia and the Former Soviet Union.


Russia and Central Eurasia are extraordinary regions with huge market potential and immediate opportunities. However, turning opportunity into success starts with making sure that the advice you receive comes from people who truly understand these countries and their markets.

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