Much of the work we do with our clients is of a confidential nature. We would therefore like to thank those clients kind enough to provide testimonials and agree to allow them to be shown.

"The insights from your seminar were fascinating, I have never come across Brits that have gotten so much under the skin of Russia, it is enviable to have such grass roots familiarity with the culture and business developments. The presentation was packed with knowledge and insight and it was refreshing that it did not seek to mystify or scare people."


Rachel Farmer  M.D. RSF Consultancy

"Trudos International's "Russia New Markets - New Horizons", gave an excellent insight into the country and its people but especially how to take advantage of business opportunities currently on offer to our members. The interest generated following the seminar has meant that we would certainly look at hosting a similar event in the future"  


Jill Coggins Head of Operations, Herts C of C

"Having new clients in the UK has meant a lot of traveling. Trudos International helped us will all aspects of our work permit and visa applications. For an outsider, the system can be complicated, their advice was simple and easy to understand"                        


Anton Chukhlomin CEO ITScript  Corp.

"The advise received from Trudos International about the Russian Market helped enormously in our decision making. They provided a real and practical insight into the areas that mattered to us" 


Andy Shearer, MD. The Invicta Group

"The legislation surrounding employment of non EU nationals made our decision to recruit a Russian IT Manager complicated. Trudos International took us through the process step by step and ensured that all permits and visas were granted the first time around"      


Ian Monk, MD. Bathrooms.com

"The "Russia - New Markets, New Horizons" seminar,presented by Trudos International was very well received by our members. It was full of information about the country and the business opportunities available, as well as practical advice. It generated an enthusiastic response from the audience."


Natalie Taylor, Head Office Manager, South Wales C of C

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