Russian Trade Clinics

With the implementation and expansion of the Eurasian Union in 2015, and the consequential changes that brings with it, as well as ongoing Sanctions, the Autumn and Winter of 2017 looks set to be as busy as the start of the year for companies looking to keep ahead of events within the Russian and Central Eurasian markets.


2015 saw the launch of our Russia Advice Line to assist companies deal with many of the most common queries, 24/7, 365 days a year. However, we also recognise that some issues require a more in-depth explanation that can only be achieved with a face to face meeting.


So along with our highly successful program of seminars, Trudos International will be providing regular monthly Russian Trade Clinics across the country, to give businesses the opportunity to discuss any issues they may have, without having to commit to unnecessary consultancy fees.


Our clinics are completely free of charge and are co-hosted by regional Chambers of Commerce. Should you wish to attend on any of the dates below, please contact the chamber to book a convenient appointment. 

Dates and Venues for 2017/18 to be released soon

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