The employment market between Russia and the UK is changing fast. It is no longer the case that all Russians seek employment outside of Russia, nor are today's opportunities in Russia's major cites looked upon with despair. Some of the world's largest corporations now have substantial regional headquarters there, creating opportunities across all levels of management. And many more companies within the UK are realising the potential of Russia's well educated workforce and offering key positions to the brightest and the best, both within their own Russian operations as well as in the UK.


Top appointments transform businesses, bringing fresh ideas from other sectors and can herald a completely new phase for an organisation, and its employees. Trudos International's long experience of dealing with business within Russia and strong principles enable us to provide a thoroughly discrete and wholly professional service to both clients and candidates.


Clients often approach us when their businesses are undergoing rapid transformation, and our experience in assisting them with their growth into new markets makes us especially aware of the sensitivity of this time. Expertise and experience are critical to understanding any industry sector, and combined with our knowledge of the needs of employers as well government, we are able to offer our clients a level of service that is unmatched, whether it be for permanent or interim appointments, for Russia or the UK. 

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