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If you are just starting your business in Russia or anywhere else within the Eurasina Union, or seriously considering it, you will require accurate and up-to-date information about your prospective customers. Trudos International offers you a professional and effective call-centre service that is ready to assist you with the sales and marketing of your product.


Customer DatabasesWe can create or restructure databases of organisations and key personnel, within a defined region of the country, who may potentially be interested in your product. We guarantee the confidentiality of all databases created for or by our clients.


Customer Research - With an up-to-date database  we can then organise a customer search for you. We call it a “Call-Send-Call” system. The first step is the database update, to ensure that the information is still current, including any changes to the decision makers. The second stage will be to send a personalised offer from your company, detailing your product or services (this may be sent as a letter, a parcel, via email or fax). The final stage will be to call the person we have sent your information to, and to advise you of their response to your offer. From our experience we believe the system to be the most effective way of obtaining qualified leads for your business venture.


Phone Sales - Should you wish to go one step further and test your product in the market place before you commit the full resources of your company to selling, we are able to provide the services of an experienced and highly motivated telephone sales team. After initial briefing about your product, they are paid only upon the sales they make. The Russian and Central Eurasian markets are like many others, except that the language barrier and local business customs may influence the way in which business is handled, far more than in other European countries. Many companies who have set up offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan have employed local sales people for these reasons. For those clients not wishing to maintain an ongoing sales team, this service can be exactly what you are looking for, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

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