Business Consultancy

The thought of doing business in a new market can be a daunting prospect. It can sometimes appear that just the process of getting started presents serious challenges. Our objective is to identify and facilitate business opportunities for you, providing you with both a practical and financial plan, detailing each step of your expansion into Russia and Central Eurasia.


At Trudos International we believe that having an effective strategy of how to proceed, is just as important to a small business as it is to a multi-national manufacturer, and given the individual level of commitment required, perhaps more so. Finding out who is doing what may not be such a major task, but getting to meet the right people at the right time is something that requires both knowledge and expertise, which is where Trudos International is able to assist.


Our Business Consultancy, like all of our services is tailored to meet your individual needs and includes: 


  • Presentation to colleagues or directors of business opportunities
  • Product or company specific business development plan
  • Regional or national competitor and product research            
  • Extended market analysis 
  • Key personnel  Research
  • Negotiating
  • Translation and Interpreting
  • And much more


Sector Breifing

Market Development

Relocation Workshop

Seminars & Clinics

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