Business Sector Briefing

Any expansion of business, particularly overseas, is not something that occurs overnight. There can be weeks, if not months, of research and planning before any commitment of personnel or resources is finally made. We believe it imperative therefore that your business is kept up to date with what is happening within your chosen sector, and within the region of Russia and/or Central Eurasia in which you are looking to operate.


Trudos International offers regular business sector briefings to all of our clients helping them to keep their fingers on the pulse of the these markets.


Our briefings bring together data and comments, not just from researchers or government departments and agencies, but from managers and directors on the ground in all of the Eurasian Union's key industries. What this provides is an actual analysis of your sector and not just theoretical statistics. It gives you a real insight into events as they happen and not a year or two out of date. 

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