Relocation Workshop

For the members of staff and in some instances, their families as well, moving to a new country can be an emotional time. Our Relocation Workshop has been developed to ease this transition by providing you, or others, with essential everyday advice.


Held over two days, the first day of our workshop takes place within the UK. Some will prefer this briefing to take place at their home, which can easily be arranged.


During the first day we give a flavour of the country, as starring at a map of Russia can be a little overwhelming, which is why we deal specifically with the region of choice.


The topics we cover on Day 1 are:

  • What is Russia
  • Who are the Russians
  • What you will find when you get there
  • The language
  • The weather
  • The education system
  • Accommodation


Day 2 of the workshop takes place in Russia and although we always meet our clients from the airport and see them checked into their hotel, our briefing usually continues on the day after arrival.


The topics we cover on Day 2 are:

  • Getting around
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Shopping
  • Utilities – gas / electric / water / TV / internet / phones
  • Settling your children
  • Doctors, hospitals and emergency services
  • Banking
  • Joining social groups
  • Entertainment


During the first month of being relocated Trudos International makes contact on a weekly basis to help with issues that may have arisen.


This service is also available for Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

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