Seminars & Trade Clinics

Trudos International has been set up to help businesses looking to expand into the Russian and Central Eurasian markets. To assist with this we provide a series of highly successful Seminars and Trade Clinics. 


Our seminars are aimed predominantly at small to medium-sized businesses, but are equally relevant to larger companies as well as trade organisations.


The aim of our seminars is for you to leave us understanding that the opportunities available within the Russian and Eurasian markets can be realised whatever the size of the company, and what it really means to do business in the region. Indeed many of the companies that have benefited most from trade particularly within Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, employ less than 50 people.


Our presentation can be of a general nature - region or market sector orientated, depending on the requirements of our clients. Whatever the theme or format, having spoken with many businessmen, what they all agree on is the need for genuinely practical advice and not just facts and figures.


As government budgets are cut back, companies and organisations are taking more direct responsibility for advising either their own staff or their member companies. Trudos has both the experience and the expertise to be able to assist any level of the Russian and Central Eurasian Market forum as well as individual departments and businesses.

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