Much of the certification required to allow your products to pass uninterrupted through Eurasian Union Customs cannot be provided through any official agency outside of Russia and member states themselves, and in some instances may only become apparent at the time when someone tells you that you don’t have it. Whether it is a simple EAC Declaration or one of a multitude of test certification, if you do not know whether it applies or not or where to get it if it does, the business of exporting into the Eurasian Union becomes a whole lot more stressful and complicated than it needs to be.


Our dedicated Customs Clearance team ensure that all necessary paper work is ready and waiting with the relevant authorities before your products arrive and not after the event. We will guide you through what is really required and not just rumour and speculation, whether that be for a single one off item or a consignment of hundreds shipped on a regular basis, we are here to help and provide solutions to the simplest or most complex of Customs issues.

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