Exporting to any foreign market ultimately comes down to moving your goods from one country to another, from your factory or office to that of your customer. Sometimes this can be as easy as putting it in the post, and other times requires major co-ordination of transport, storage, customs clearance and documentation. For those that do not have either the knowledge or the expertise within their organisation, who you choose to undertake this responsibility can mean the difference between fulfilling your contract and incurring unwanted penalties, between repeat orders or dissatisfied customers.


Transporting freight across Russia and Central Eurasia is not a task for companies without local offices and depots. When things are delayed, you need to know that the people you have entrusted will never be too far away from your goods, wherever they are in the region. It is why Trudos International only trusts its clients products to partners that have both the office network and the freight forwarding experience to ensure your goods arrive with your customers on time every time.


With representatives in each of Russia’s major freight entry ports, we are always well placed to provide immediate updates and backup should you require it. Call us now to discuss your options and to receive a quote

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