With language being such an important part of any business transaction in Russia and the Eurasian Union, ensuring that the contract you are about to sign reflects the agreements reached is extremely important. Misunderstandings due to terminology or accepted practices can be commonplace and prove expensive. Translations offered with the contract can at best be selective and at worst be nothing better than a summary.


Every partnership, no matter how productive, will over time come under some pressure, but having a full understanding of the language used to determine each party’s obligations from the start can at least go some way to reduce the potential for disagreement.


Trudos International offers a fast and inexpensive contract review, proof reading the existing translation and reporting back any critical omissions or language errors within it. We also offer a complete translation and legal report of your contract if you need the comfort of knowing that it has been done by people working for your best interests rather than those of your counterparts.

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