Due to the specifics of this kind of translation, interpreting requires not only an excellent command of both Russian and English languages, but a powerful short-term memory and an ability to work under pressure.


Our experienced interpreters can assist you in the following:

  • Business and personal telephone conversations
  • Installation of industrial or construction equipment
  • Presentations, exhibitions or press conferences
  • Seminars, training events and other educational activities


Depending on your needs you can choose between:

Sequential Translation – which involves the original speaker pausing from time to time in order to give the interpreter an opportunity to translate the context of the conversation into the other language. Please note that when planning you event, this form of interpreting doubles the time. Sequential translation is very effective for “mobile” meetings involving a lot of travelling and movement; for example, at a building site or negotiations at more than one location.

Simultaneous Translation – which requires the use of special equipment as it is often used at large-scale formal events, where protocol is essential and the timing precisely regulated. The interpreters are located in a sound proof booth, working concurrently with a speaker, which allows the person to speak more freely and fully capture the attention of an audience, avoiding unacceptable situations in which those that understand the lecturer’s language react earlier than those who do not.

Trudos International will help you with your plans to provide interpretation for specific events. We work with you to determine your needs, and advise you on details such as the composition of the interpreting team, protocol, etiquette, technical and site logistics. No matter how large or small your project is, you will only need to deal with one person from start to finish.


Trudos International believe that confidentiality is an absolute requirement of translation work. All our specialists sign an agreement of nondisclosure covering commercial, technical and any other type of customer information that they may encounter during the working process.


We guarantee all clients COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY from the first moment of your first contact. All the information used for translation work is either returned or destroyed.

If you feel that the contents of your letters or documents require a greater degree of confidentiality than our normal service, we can easily make arrangements for the work to be done at your offices or under your own confidentiality agreement.

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