The structure of English and Russian sentences is so different, that simply using a dictionary and possessing a basic knowledge of the language, would make any letter almost unreadable. At Trudos International we have specialists who possess not only excellent language skills, but also have a second degree in at least one other field, which prevents the possibility of misunderstanding the translation.


Trudos only uses carefully selected, experienced and highly-qualified native speaking translators. We have access to a very large pool of professionals, from where we choose the individual with the required language skills and specialist knowledge appropriate for the task.


As our reputation is so important to us, our editors proofread and amend the formatting and style of every text as well as correcting the use of terms and expressions. In addition, editors arrange all of the pieces completed by different specialists, into a final document with a unified style, allowing us to avoid even the smallest of mistakes in the translation.


The translations that we make are accepted by government and other authorities of the UK, Russia and the Eurasian Union as well as other countries. If it is necessary we can also provide guarantees of authentication of the documents intended for foreign use (notary, apostiles, consular legislation). 


Trudos offers professional Russian-English and English-Russian translation services for documents of any type including:


  • Business and personal correspondence
  • Contracts and legal documents
  • Specialised technical schemes and drawings
  • Product catalogues, instructions and specifications for industrial or construction equipment
  • Websites
  • Economic and marketing reports
  • Research in medicine, biology and other sciences
  • Certified translation of important documents such as: ID’s, birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, patient surveys, etc


If you need an urgent translation of your document – no problem! We specialise in working with large volumes and short deadlines. Even urgent translations are checked through every stage.



Trudos International believe that confidentiality is an absolute requirement of translation work. All our specialists sign an agreement of nondisclosure covering commercial, technical and any other type of customer information that they may encounter during the working process.


We guarantee all clients COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY from the first moment of your first contact. All confidential information used for translation work is either returned or destroyed, as our clients wish.


If you feel that the contents of your letters or documents require a greater degree of confidentiality than our normal service, we can easily make arrangements for the work to be done at your offices or under your own confidentiality agreement.

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